Core Values

An Eternal Legacy to Advance Humanity -
Invest for Growth - No Bias

Hearts to Humanity Eternal

Hearts to Humanity Eternal has established a set of core values to guide us on our mission. If we’re to achieve our mission and advance humanity through science and cooperation we must be aligned in areas that matter most.

Members and potential H2H8 members should adhere to these values
to be members of a H2H8 charter community.

Core Value One

An Eternal Community to Advance Humanity

The core of our mission is to grow a lasting community of researchers and philanthropists to advance humanity. Our aim is to support each researcher and member to create a personal legacy to advance humanity. A member’s legacy will be cherished and carried forward by H2H8 community. Members will be recognized for their effort to foster the growth of our community and future generations of researchers.

Core Value Two

Invest to Grow Impact on Humanity

Donation is invested to grow impact in advancing humanity through promoting community membership. H2H8 seeks to invest in researchers who will one day pay forward to provide for and mentor future researchers through H2H8 memberships. 90% of H2H8 donation is used to fund research grants with the remaining 10% for building our community.

For long term impact on humanity, H2H8 will realize a Charter Member’s Wish by growing a modest donation to a colossal amount capable of funding a substantial endeavor in the future.

Core Value Three

No Bias of Country, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, or Sexual Orientation

H2H8 has zero-tolerance for discrimination of any kind. H2H8 is a community for everyone, it’s completely inclusive, and therefore must do everything possible to exclude strong bias that can corrupt our core mission. Purposeful display or expressions of bias will not be acceptable within H2H8 functions.

H2H8 Operational Core Values

High Quality Membership

A quality membership is the foundation of building and expanding the H2H8 community. At the same time, we must never sacrifice quality and adherence to our core values for the sake of rapid expansion. Charter members will take the “Charter Member’s Pledge” as a commitment to uphold the H2H8 core values.

A Self Governed Community to Enrich Your Life

When you become an H2H8 member you join a community of exceptional individuals with a common goal to join together for a higher calling – to nurture the GOOD and combat the EVIL within humanity. To inspire, and be inspired! The primary purpose of the H2H8 community is to foster friendship among like-minded individuals with a similar passion to advance humanity. Outside of following the H2H8 charter, each charter community is independent and self-reliant on its own governance.

Financial Independence and Transparency

Heart to Humanity Eternal (H2H8) is a nonprofit organization primarily supported by its charter members. The association is structured to be financially independent and does not seek outside funding. Financial self-reliance is provided by donations from members, and by H2H8 Endowment Funds. Total financial transparency is available to charter members.