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Board of Directors

H2H8 Association – Nonprofit Corporation

Hearts to Humanity Eternal (H2H8) Association is a Delaware 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation in the United States. H2H8 Association operates in the Bay Area, Northern California.

Board of Directors

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William Wing Yen Chu

Chair and President

Los Altos, California
Doctor of Engineering, EECS, UC
Berkeley 1976
Dr. William Chu was born in Shanghai, China, and went to Hong Kong as a child. He came to UC Berkeley in 1969. He graduated from UCB with a Dr. of Engineering degree in EECS. He settled down in the Bay Area. He enjoyed a long career in graphics chip and computer system where he founded two companies.

“Through the years of working on H2H8, I have gradually awakened to my calling of creating an organization that will provide its members a path to create purpose in life - effecting a growing impact to advance humanity. My hope is that H2H8 will grow to become an inter-planetary community of liked minded individuals who will advance humanity to benefit future generations, and to insure the survival of an enlightened humanity.”

- William Wing Yen Chu
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Stephen Kwan


Saratoga, CA
PhD, Management, UCLA 1982
In 2017, Hong Kong native Dr. Stephen K. Kwan retired from his position of Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs and Lucas Endowed Professor of Service Science in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business at San José State University. He remains actively involved in research in Service Science, global E-Commerce, service and AI standards and standardization.

We recognize that our accomplishments to date is the culmination of time, love and resource support from our families, friends, teachers, universities, and more. One way of thanking them is for us to pay forward and support the next generation so that they can achieve their goals and ambitions for the benefits of humankind. I joined H2H8 because it is an organization that is made up of altruistic individuals providing a well-thought-out plan that could help us realistically achieve this objective for many many generations to come.

- Stephen Kwan
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Chung C Chan


Cupertino, CA
MEng, CS, UC
Berkeley 1975
Chung spent over 30 years in the electronics and computer industry working in software. Most of his family members graduated from UC Berkeley and several received doctoral degrees. Chung and his wife have been active in philanthropy.

It is my belief that acquisition of knowledge is the best investment money can buy. The H2H8 research grants support smart and passionate scientists and engineers who share the same core values in expanding the boundaries of science or the creative use of technology to improve the quality of life for future generations. In addition to the one-time financial support, the Explorer Community provides a supporting network and the opportunity to make lifelong friends with like-minded people. The mission and vision of the Association make it the most worthwhile organization I ever belong to and the membership experience had been most rewarding.

- Chung C Chan
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Terence Chu

Board member

San Francisco, CA
Master of Education,
Harvard University 1975
I was born in Shanghai and grew up in Hong Kong. After finished high school run by the Jesuits, I came to US for my undergraduate studies at Washington State University and then graduate studies at Harvard University. I held various positions in US banks in Hong Kong. I immigrated to the US and started a family in 1981. I invested in real estates and was a fast food franchisee. I have two sons and 2 grandchildren all living in the Bay Area.

I am hopeful that by joining H2H8, I am supporting an organization that would inspire generations of scientists who would fulfill the mission of advancing humanity.

- Terence Chu