H2H8 Mission

A Calling to Advance Humanity

H2H8 Mission

To truly Advance Humanity is to benefit all. Our modern lives of comfort and convenience are possible from countless technological, scientific, and social advancements. H2H8’s mission is to honor those who contributed to humanity before us and fulfill our calling to continue to build upon and improve the foundation we’ve been given to take humanity to the next level.

A Calling to Advance Humanity

When you hear the phrase “higher calling” you might think about a higher power, like God. H2H8 thinks of a higher calling in terms of something more than ourselves – in our case humanity as a whole. We look at where we came from – which we believe is the cosmos – to create meaning and purpose.

We know the oxygen we breathe, carbon and nitrogen in our DNA, iron in our blood, calcium in our bones, and sodium in our bodies all came from exploding supernovae hundreds of millions of years ago. We are from the stars!

H2H8 members understand that humanity can’t be separated from the fundamentals of how the Universe works. The only way to advance humanity is to better understand the Universe. H2H8 is a community that supports and is made up of pioneers, scientists, engineers, innovators, and enterprises that will have a long-term impact on advancing humanity without the weight of politics or profit.

H2H8 Invests in Human Endeavors to Advance Humanity with a Long Term Perspective

Advancements for humanity come in the forms of discovering the secret of our universe, new science, new medicine, better technologies, and better society. The impact of scientific discoveries allows for advancements in social justice, freedoms, and human equality. A primary mission of H2H8 is to offer members a path to contribute significantly in these important areas. Through membership donations, chartered members can provide and see their contribution make an impact either in the short term or in the long term.
How to Advance Humanity - Areas that Need Our Attention

As far as we’ve come, our knowledge and capability are still limited when compared to our potential. We’re now in a stage of advanced awareness – we’re aware of what we don’t know, and learning where to put our focus. In areas such as:

  1. Discover the science of our universe
  2. Climate change
  1. Extending human life
  2. Creating dependable food systems to feed the world
  3. Engineering affordable resources to serve everyone in need
  4. Curing diseases and controlling viruses
  5. Enabling clean energy resources
  6. Colonizing new planets and exploring space

The Survival of Humanity

The greater mission for everyone on this planet is the survival of humanity. Humanity is fragile in the face of many possible cosmic or natural disasters. There will be future cosmic events that threaten the survival of Earth. We know that a large asteroid could take out much of the planet and result in the death of hundreds of millions.

We’ve seen the toll that epidemic can wreck both in death and economic devastation. We only have to look back to 2020 and the emergence of COVID-19.

The survival of humanity depends on human cooperation and capability in science and technology. Wars, crime, and corruption are real problems but pale in comparison to the very real threat of a mass extinction event. It could be our own demise as a planet as the uniting force that brings us together.

Humanity must ultimately colonize space and travel beyond this planet for our long-term survival. It is this spirit of uniting for planetary survival that drives H2H8’s mission towards advancing humanity.