Armando Avevalo

I study electronic structure, and from these calculations and other design principles known from this phenomena, I will be synthesizing new classes of honeycomb Kitaev quantum spin liquids,. The focus of this work will be in spin transport measurements of these materials.

Yi Chuan Lu

I am a physics graduate student working on climate science. We try to answer the questions such as:

  1. When and where is the first place on Earth that will become uninhabitable with global warming?
  2. How much outdoor-activity time has to be reduced to protect human from heat stress?

Combining climate science and the existing study of human physiology, we hope to understand how human will be impacted in the future, and to give some guild to protect outdoor workers. We believe humanity can be supported by science!

Daria Balatsky

As a physical chemistry graduate student, I am currently working on the growth and measurement of various materials. Of current interest is researching materials towards Maxtronics or magnetic MAX phases for spintronic applications. Materials of this group, have unknown mechanisms for electrical manipulation of the spin textures, which allows us to study their use in electronic applications while also facilitating a better understanding of the fundamental physics. The goal would be a device in which we can use the materials for information storage (similar to antiferromagnetic spintronic devices) that is more robust due to the remarkable physical properties of MAX materials.

Shannon Claire Haley

I’m a condensed matter physicist studying weird magnets. On the physics side, I get to learn about what is going on inside of these magnets on a microscopic scale, and to see how interactions individual atoms have with one another translate into macroscopic properties. On the applied side, this work might factor into the next generation of spintronic devices, leading to faster and more efficient computing! A typical day for me involves melting elements together to form new magnets, cutting tiny patterns into crystals using a focused beam of ions, and painting conductive paths using an eyelash glued to a wooden stick.
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