Eduardo Montalto

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Eduardo Montalto is a doctoral candidate in the Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Program at UC Berkeley, where he also obtained his M.S. degree in 2020. Before joining UC Berkeley, he earned a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Costa Rica, where he participated in research regarding the structural health monitoring of bridges using ambient vibration tests, among others. He also worked as a structural designer, being involved in new design, seismic assessment and retrofit of residential and commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Eduardo’s current research interests lie in the development and implementation of innovative earthquake-resistant design technologies that can enhance structural performance and resilience in an affordable way. He is currently studying the mechanical behavior of fiber-reinforced elastomeric isolators, a low-cost isolation system that is viable for implementation in developing countries and ordinary structures. The aim of this research is to develop analytical and numerical models that enable the real-world application of this technology.