Grace Hu

grace hu h2h8 photo-Hearts to Humanity Eternal

Originally from Long Island, NY, Grace came to the Bay Area to study Material Science and Engineering for her bachelor’s degree and Computer Science for her master’s degree at Stanford University. She worked on printable batteries and flew record-breaking high altitude research balloons as team lead for the Stanford Student Space Initiative. She developed artificial intelligence tools to augment teaching ability for the global Code in Place programming course.

Grace is now a Bioengineering PhD student in the joint UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Program and an NDSEG research Fellow. Currently, her research focuses on programming 4D-bioprinted tissues via biomaterial mechanics and cellular self-organization. By bioprinting materials that change shape over time to achieve origami-inspired tissue folding, Grace hopes to build advanced tissue models for regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

In her free time, Grace enjoys singing with the UCSF Vocal Chords, playing board games with friends, and hiking in the Bay Area’s great outdoors!