Kaylo Littlejohn ⭐️

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Kaylo Littlejohn is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Ph.D. student creating speech brain-machine interfaces in the Berkeley AI Research Lab and Chang Lab at UCSF. He is advised by Professor Gopala Anumanchipalli and Professor Edward Chang. His research is focused on decoding speech and movement from persons with paralysis using brain-computer interfaces. Kaylo received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in 2020. During his time at Columbia, Kaylo developed VR 3D real time closed loop brain-machine interface paradigms under Dr. Paul Sajda. Now Kaylo works on the BCI Restoration of Arm and Voice (BRAVO) clinical trial and is broadly interested in real-time speech synthesis and machine learning applied to developing assistive communication devices.

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