Graduate Research Grant

Graduate Research Grant to Advance Humanity
through Science

H2H8 Graduate Research Grant to Advance Humanity

H2H8 Association offers yearly grants for research to advance humanity to graduate students in L&S Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, EECS and College of Engineering, UC Berkeley.

2023 Available Graduate Research Grants

Thirty US$10,000 research grants for graduate students as follows:

  • US$5,000 as stipend for faculty sponsored research project
  • US$5,000 as personal discretionary fund

H2H8 Consideration in awarding Research Grant

  • Applicant’s potential as future H2H8 member
  • Some examples of research project to advance humanity
    • Advance human knowledge in science
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
    • Climate change, earth preservation, space exploration
    • Advancement in medicine, engineering and technology

Application Requirements and 2022-2023 Timeline; Deadline 2/28/2023

  1. Required faculty sponsorship for the research project
  2. Submit online application at 12/1/2022 to 2/28/2023
  3. Zoom interview with H2H8 charter members February – April 2023
  4. Faculty recommendation letter required from qualified applicants April – May 2023
  5. Award notification from Dean, MPS Division, L&S July 2023
  6. Award issued to grant recipients August – October 2023

Apply for Graduate Research Grant Application

H2H8 Pioneer Club

Grant recipients become H2H8 Explorers, and join H2H8 Pioneer Club to engage with H2H8 Association. H2H8 Pioneer Club is a community for life

  • Share experiences and activities with other Explorers, and H2H8 members
  • Build lifetime friendship with like-minded, generous individuals
  • Provide learning and support through UCB and life challenges
  • Celebrate members’ achievements in advancing humanity

Explorer membership continues for 2 years after completion of education through postdoc. After the stated 2 years, Explorer will either join H2H8 membership or end H2H8 Association engagement.