Your Legacy

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Memento Wishes

Leave a Growing Legacy

In several hundred years, most lifetime donations will have dissipated. Decedents will not remember us. How about 10,000 years? It is but a glimpse in the time span of our Universe. Except for a small group of exceptional human beings, there will be no remembrance that one had lived or contributed. H2H8 wants to change that, and give everyone an opportunity to leave a growing legacy. “GROWING” the impact of your donation perpetually to achieve effective altruism for the survival of an enlightened humanity is a primary mission of Hearts to Humanity Eternal.

Your Donation Legacy at Work

Currently, H2H8 programs are research grants to support undergraduate and graduate researchers advancing humanity and with potential to pay forward. Each generation of researchers paying forward to fund next generation of researchers. H2H8 Research Grant programs will also grow by relying on H2H8 Research Endowment fund with yearly investment gains directed towards research grants.

Charter Member Legacy

Charter members have the best chance at maximizing their
legacy impact for today and far into the future.

Immediate Impact

Charter membership donations directed towards H2H8 programs like research grants have an immediate impact.

Long Term Impact as Effective Altrusion

Charter members can make “Memento Wish” donations to financially grow tremendously through compound interest over time and benefit future generations.

A Lasting Legacy to Advance Humanity

Although joining the H2H8 community is a selfless act, keeping an eternal memory of each Charter Member’s wisdom and wish is an essential part of the H2H8 community. Members should be recognized for their contributions, and these memories can help to motivate and guide future generations of Charter Members.

Your “Digital Self”

Charter Members can create an optional “Digital Self” to preserve personal information, beloved family and friends, precious pictures and video, wisdom to pass on to future Charter Members, and whatever else they’d like to pass on through the ages. This “Digital Self” will be preserved in a “Time Capsule” accessible within H2H8 as an eternal record of deceased Charter Members.

Eternal Digital Memorial

The Eternal Digital Memorial will be optionally available to a Charter Member for storing “Digital Self” perpetually. After passing, anyone can access the Charter Member’s Digital Memorial through the H2H8 Memorial website using the Charter Member’s unique ID.

Memento Wishes

The primary purpose of a Memento Wish is to realize a Charter Member’s Grand Wish to Humanity which is not realizable within his or her lifetime. A Charter Member makes a “Wish for Humanity” donation to grow tremendously with compound interest over hundreds of years. A modest donation of $10,000 can grow to quadrillions of dollars to realize a Grand Wish. The Wish will be fulfilled by future Charter Members and H2H8 Association. This serves to realize Effective Altruism for advancing humanity with a long term perspective.

Pass it Forward Mementos

The “Pass it Forward” Memento is an elegant artwork inscribed with the originating Charter Member. It will contain the access code to the Digital Self, and to a Memento Wish. A Charter Member passes a Heart Memento forward to another Charter Member. The giving of a “Pass it Forward” Memento creates a bond between Charter Members and ensures the fulfillment of a Memento Wish and preserves the Digital Self of a Charter Member.

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