H2H8 Programs

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Research Grants

H2H8 Programs

H2H8 programs are meant to have a short term impact. There are two types of H2H8 programs designed around this idea: H2H8 Research Grant Program to form a community under Pioneer Club and Entrepreneur Program.


Pioneer Club

Currently, H2H8 Research Grant Program offers STEM research grant to UC Berkeley students. Research grant recipients join the community, Pioneer Club as Explorers. Explorers can share experiences and activities with researchers from all scientific and engineering disciplines, and H2H8 members. Pioneer Club as a community will grow each year with new UC Berkeley Explorers.

Entrepreneur Program

This future program is for Explorers with an entrepreneurial spirit. It will help to provide seed funding to promising Explorers who share H2H8 core values.

H2H8 Program Requirements

The purpose of any current or future H2H8 program is to help advance humanity. With this in mind, three defining factors have been established to guide the formation of H2H8 programs.

Programs should identify a specific means of advancing humanity with financial support

Programs should target funding that yields increasing impact over time

Programs should target individuals with the potential to advance humanity and desire to join the H2H8 community.

H2H8 Research Grant

The H2H8 research grant is designed to help undergraduate, and graduate students. Research grants provide funding for STEM research that advance humanity. All candidates go through a competitive selection process to compete for available grants. Qualified candidate information is available to H2H8 members, who will vote for the candidate.

Research applicants are evaluated on two criteria:

  1. The research project potential impact on advancing humanity
  2. The applicant’s potential as a future H2H8 member