Memento Wishes

Achieve the Unachievable

Centennial Wish
Millennial Wish
Everlasting Wish

H2H8 will help create and facilitate what we call “Memento Wishes” for Charter Members. The idea behind Memento Wishes is to give Charter Members a way to contribute to humanity long after they pass and achieve the unachievable. A small donation can grow to quadrillion dollars to realize a Grand Wish for humanity. Such Grand Wish will be fulfilled by future Charter Members and H2H* Association. “Memento Wishes” serve as a form of Effective Altruism for the long term.

You are Alive when your Wish is Alive!

The Centennial Wish for a Star Memento

A Star Charter Member can place a “Centennial Wish” on a Star Memento with a wish donation managed by H2H8. The Centennial Wish will be honored one hundred years from the year in which the Wish is established. The present value of a $10,000 “Centennial Wish” donation at 3% annual real growth rate (over inflation) will grow to about $192,000 in 100 years.

The Millennial Wish for a Heart Memento

A Heart or Light Charter Member can place a Millennial Wish on a Heart Memento with a wish donation managed by H2H8 for investment. The Millennial Wish has an activation timeline of 1,000 years. The potential for impact of a Heart Memento once activated is substantial and could easily fund a gargantuan project to benefit humanity.

An Everlasting Wish

A large Millennial Wish that’s realized may become an enormous financial resource, big enough to create a perpetual enterprise to advance humanity. A nonprofit foundation with thousands of trillions of dollars could make a significantly yearly contribution and in effect become an Everlasting Wish.

The Power of Compound Interest

The H2H8 Memento Wishes will be powered by the power of compound interest. For example, if you compute the future value of a $40,000 Millennial Wish after 1000 years at 3% real appreciation that donation will grow to $274,970 Trillion.

Example of a Millennial Wish

Humanity will start colonizing Mars in the next 100 years. In the next 1,000 years, humanity will very likely discover Earth-like habitable exoplanets within a radius of 100 light years from Earth. Humanity will mount an enormous effort to colonize a 2nd Earth. The following timeline shows the estimated progress of Humanity towards colonization of a 2nd Earth, and potential contributions from a Millennial Wish.

80 Years - Discovery of multiple habitable Exoplanets and 2nd Earth

Exoplanets discovered or to be discovered using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), James Webb Space Telescope, Roman Space Telescope, Habitable Worlds Observatory, and other future telescopes.

1000 Years - Confirmation of 2nd Earth

It will be necessary to orbit, survey and possibly land on multiple exoplanets through robotic missions for validation. Humanity will need enormous resources to send humans to colonize one or more 2nd Earths.

Beyond 1000 Years - Millennial Wish Activated

A Wish donation of $20K will have grown to over 100 Quadrillion dollars (present day value) in 1000 years at 3% investment return over inflation. Millennial wishes can be used to fund research, development, and the eventual mission to realize the colonization of 2nd Earth with significant participation from H2H8 charter members.