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Hearts to Humanity Eternal

Hearts to Humanity Eternal

Leave a growing legacy to advance humanity

At the highest level, H2H8 is a community of people that support and practice scientific research with a greater aim to advance humanity. At the core of every H2H8 member’s belief is that we can advance humanity in both the physical and moral realms through science.

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Why the name Hearts to Humanity Eternal?

It took our Universe about 13.7 billion years to get humanity to where it is today. One of the core ideas behind H2H8 is making an impact today that will last for as long as humanity exists. It’s estimated in a billion years the sun will boil the Earth’s oceans away. By then humanity will have mastered interstellar travel and will have colonized Mars and other discovered planets. H2H8 members are the new pioneers that are working to create a chance to extend humanity’s existence towards eternity.

H2H8 Mission

To truly Advance Humanity is to benefit all. Our modern lives of comfort and convenience are possible from countless technological, scientific, and social advancements. H2H8’s mission is to honor those who contributed to humanity before us and fulfill our calling to continue to build upon and improve the foundation we’ve been given to take humanity to the next level.

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H2H8 Origin

william wing yen chu portrait image-Hearts to Humanity Eternal

William Wing Yen Chu

Chair and President

Los Altos, California
Doctor of Engineering, EECS, UC
Berkeley 1976
Hearts to Humanity Eternal was established in 2020 by William Wing Yen Chu. William (Bill) Chu like many before him was seeking a way to define the meaning and purpose of life. As an engineer, he couldn’t stop thinking about how he might contribute to creating a better system to advance humanity. After years of pondering, research, and personal growth Bill found his answer with H2H8.

“For a long time, I have been seeking the meaning and purpose of life. I spent years and countless hours developing the ideas that are at the foundation of H2H8. In the process, I gradually awakened to my purpose in life, my Calling...

To create an organization that will provide its members a Path to give Meaning and Purpose to Life. To leave a LASTING and GROWING Legacy to Advance Humanity. To contribute and honor those who contributed to Humanity before us! To contribute to future generations as we contribute to our children!

Even ten thousand years is but a flicker in the time span of our Universe. Human knowledge has been advancing rapidly in the last thousand years, but we are still in our infancy in terms of knowledge. Continuing our advancement in knowledge, intelligence, society, and consciousness will bring Humanity ever closer to understanding the Purpose of Life!”

- William Wing Yen Chu