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Q:Can I apply for a Graduate Research Grant for a second time?+

No. H2H8 key objective is to build a large community. As such, H2H8 Explorers who are already graduate research grant recipients cannot apply for graduate research grant again.

Q:Can I apply if I am a student at a different UCB college or division?+

H2H8 has made exception for students outside of MPS Division and College of Engineering to apply for research grant. A UCB student must be recommended by a H2H8 Explorer, and is working on a relevant research to benefit humanity. Please email for inquiry.

Q:Can I apply for undergraduate research grant as a senior?+

A senior undergraduate can apply for an undergraduate research grant if you plan to stay at UCB for graduate study.

Q:Can I apply for a graduate research grant if I have already received an undergraduate grant?+

Yes. If you received an undergraduate research grant and you are staying at UC Berkeley for graduate study and research, you can apply for a graduate research grant.