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Q:I am a philanthropist actively donating to worthy causes. Why should I donate to H2H8?+

Different Time Horizon. Community. Most nonprofits and charities use donations for the present. H2H8 is a nonprofit designed to grow the impact of donation both within and beyond one’s lifetime. In the short term, donations are invested in H2H8 Programs design to increase impact over time. In the long term, H2H8 invests a small donation from a member over many years to grow into a substantial sum sufficient to realize a grand wish for humanity. Examples of philanthropists realizing grand wishes are Leland and Jane Stanford who founded Stanford University, and Alfred Nobel who found Nobel Prize. H2H8 mission is to offer a member with modest means the opportunity of becoming a philanthropist capable of realizing a grand wish! You are alive as long as YOUR WISH IS ALIVE!

Furthermore, H2H8 mission is to enrich members’ lives through our community. Joining H2H8 is to join a community of exceptional individuals with the common selfless interest to advance Humanity. To inspire and be inspire!

Q:What does it mean to have donation invested over time?+

Power of Compound Interest A member makes a “Millennial Wish” donation of $20,000 to H2H8. H2H8 invests this donation over a thousand years. This donation will grow to Quadrillion of dollars in present day value after 1000 years with a modest 3% return per year. The member will be able to achieve a Grand Wish by funding a Perpetual Enterprise. The Perpetual Enterprise will fulfill the Grand Wish through millenniums…

Q:What is the difference between Nonprofits versus H2H8?+

Management, Community, Shared Passion. Most Nonprofits and Universities are run by hired professionals with compensation supported in part by your donation. Donation to Nonprofits and Universities will be managed by paid professionals with short term objectives. Donors do not share management or form a Community.

H2H8 is a membership community. H2H8 Association is run by Charter Members who share your passion and commitment, made personal donations, and receive no compensation. Management of H2H8 Association are Charter Members who are significant donors.

Q:Can I trust H2H8 Association to grow my donation through very long times?+

Collective Wisdom, Dedication, Yearly Evaluation. H2H8 Association will have a Fund Management Board comprising Charter Members with proven investment experience and performance. Each trustee of the Fund Management Board contributes based on passion, and receives no compensation. Trustees will be continuously adjusted based on performance.

This website uses a modest 3% real growth in investment return for all calculations. The average US inflation rate over 100 years from 1913 to 2013 is about 3.22% (source Thus the target full investment return will be at least 6.22% which is achievable. For example, average annualized total return for S&P 500 index over past 90 years was 9.8%.

Founder believes in collective wisdom, and that there are smart individuals who can invest well. Hopefully these individuals will join and contribute as trustees of the Fund Management Board.

Q:1,000 years is too long for my Wish?+

There is the Centennial Wish that provides Wish Execution in 100 years. There is also a provision for a Centennial Wish to be executed sequentially every 100 years for up to 800 years.

Our minds are enslaved by time and space. We mostly think in the context of our lifetime, of our home or country. In your quiet moments, try to liberate your mind from the constraint of space and time. Imagine you are on the Moon or Mars looking at Earth. Imagine you can live a thousand years, what will you wish to do? H2H8 Association can help you realize your wish. A lifetime is very short within the time horizon of Humanity. A lifetime is minuscule with respect to time in our Universe! It will take 39 years for a signal to reach the nearby Trappist 1 star system. A lifetime for one text message to travel back and forth!

Q:How Long is Eternal?+

It took our Universe about 13.7 billions year to get to Humanity today. Humanity’s recorded history started about 5300 years ago. Impact of your H2H8 donation, and your personal message available through H2H8 will continue on for many thousands of years. Your Digital Self will be perpetuated eternally as long as Humanity survives. Many Million of years? This will be thousands time longer than human recorded history to date! Is this Eternal? In a billion years from now, the Sun will be 10% brighter. Oceans on Earth will boil away. Humanity will have gone beyond our solar system. With hope, H2H8 Charter Communities will grow and thrive! It is hoped that the impact of H2H8 Charter Communities can help to extend the survival of Humanity. Eternity will be what the “Force” of our Universe will allow Humanity to survive within the lifespan of our Universe! Maybe our Digital Selves can transport to another Universe!

“The concept of time only exists within our Universe.” Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Stephen Hawking 2018

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