H2H8 Membership

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H2H8 Entry Membership

H2H8 membership is worldwide and open to all who concur with our Core Values. Anyone who meets basic qualification can join as a member with a minimum membership donation of $1,000. After your donation, you’ll join as a member of the H2H8 Pioneer Club, which is a community of H2H8 members and grant recipients. 90% of your donation will be used for the H2H8 Graduate Research Grant, and 10% for H2H8 operation support.  Every $100 donated yields one member vote towards a Graduate Research Grant candidate.

Membership Interest Form

How Your Donations Work

90% of all membership donations go into a trust fund called the “Humanity Fund,” which is used to fund the H2H8 Graduate Research Grant Program. The remaining 10% of membership donations support H2H8 operations.

For every $100 you donate excluding support fee, you’ll receive one vote towards a graduate research grant candidate. Voting will be by proxy unless specified by member. At the same time, as your donations accumulate over time you will qualify for different levels of membership. The minimum donation unit for membership is $1,000. There are no restrictions on how much and when you donate.

Entry Membership Levels Minimum Cumulative Donation Graduate Research Grant Votes Rights & Eligibility
Bronze Member $1,000 9 H2H8 Pioneer Club
Silver Member $3,000 27 H2H8 Pioneer Club
Gold Member $5,000 45 H2H8 Pioneer Club
Platinum Member $10,000 90 H2H8 Pioneer Club; qualify for Charter Membership

Membership Information and Qualifications

H2H8 requires members to be transparent with their identification.

Depending on your level of membership you’ll be required to provide information for legal identification and authentication, e.g. name, birth date, residence, email and phone, etc. Prospective members give permission to H2H8 for a background check.

H2H8 Charter Membership

H2H8 charter members make up the individuals that govern H2H8 as we are a self-governed organization. Charter members are held to the highest standards and qualification is based on your commitment to the H2H8 mission and core values.

Learn More about Charter Membership

Cause for Membership Termination

H2H8 Membership can be terminated by the Board for:

  1. Criminal record
  2. Abusive or discriminatory behavior towards other members
  3. Acts to harm the H2H8 Association or members

Termination is determined by proven evidence. Members will receive a warning before termination. A member can take action to correct the cause of termination, and be considered for re-admittance. Members have the right to appeal terminations.