Jinyan Zhao

jinyan headshot-Hearts to Humanity Eternal

Jinyan received his Ph.D. in civil engineering from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. He has started a postdoctoral position at the NHERI SimCenter based at UC Berkeley. In his research, he will develop computation tools to explore resilience assessment solutions for interdependent civil infrastructure, such as buildings, transportation networks, and lifelines under natural hazards and climate changes. Jinyan’s research aims to mitigate damage and loss, choose the optimal risk mitigation measures, assess the adequacy of resources, and increase the level of preparedness for post-disaster responses. One of the biggest challenges in natural hazard engineering is the high dimensional uncertainty associated with the hazards’ occurrence, infrastructure conditions, and human behavior. Jinyan plans to advance the current hazard assessment methods with high dimensional uncertainty quantification methods so that more credible infrastructure behavior simulations can be achieved.